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Running is an activity where you constantly become airborne. Your body depends on the time you spend in the air, the horizontal distance you project, and the connection of the foot to the track. Such a connection is the result of a perfect angular alignment of the lower extremities through all three joints (hip, knee, and ankle) and the ground, rhythm, and timing, since running is also a cycling repetition of the same movements.

The horizontal velocity is the product of 3 components:

    1. ground time (the shorter, the better),

    2. air time (the shorter, the better),

    3. distance between two touch downs.

Running technique is a specific path of the movements. Many athletes know the path, but there is a difference between knowing the path and walking it. In order to walk the path, one should be physically fit , genetically wired, and mentally prepared.

How? Ask Coach Remi Korchemny.


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